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Product Engineering

Build successful software products by tapping into our product engineering skills
In the digital age, software plays a crucial role in the success of businesses. Our expertise lies in developing software products based on cloud computing models such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, tailored to meet industry-specific requirements. E-Solutions possess a wealth of experience across the entire software product development cycle, having aided numerous global enterprises in building high-quality software. Partnering with us ensures faster time-to-market, accelerated innovation, and a solid return on investment for your solutions.

Application Re-architecture

Our application re-architecture services are designed to manage the real-time business needs of today’s enterprises. Evaluate your existing legacy applications, and move to the cloud while addressing the needs for infrastructure, applications and services. We want to help you transform your legacy infrastructure applications and enhance business productivity through application modernization.

Application Gap


Business Process




Maintenance &

Application Modernization

We understand that technology matures as new models emerge, and your legacy applications may become barriers to innovation, agility and growth. Our experts will help you to implement the right technological solution that meets your strategic business goals.

Application Design And Development

Mobile Apps Modernization


Develop IoT/AI/ML

Here’s how we can help you with application modernization

Product Roadmap

Conceptualize your ideas into concrete products with our product roadmap services and get a clear picture of time-to-market.

Product Viability Study

We can help you to gather market information, analyze market trends and come up with the right pricing model.

Product Prototyping

Work with us to confirm the viability of your concept at a fraction of the cost of traditional product development tools and processes.

Minimum Viable Product

Test the waters by building an MVP and get faster time-to-market with our latest, up-to-date and skilled development methodologies.

Product Re-engineering

We can help you to ensure the compatibility of your product with improved user acceptance, increased scalability, cloud, and mobility solutions.

Maintenance and Support

Focus on your core business and let us take care of your quality assurance and software support for your active products.

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