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Ensuring every Software meets Its Requirements and User Expectation with the help of Stringently tested software
As a renowned Software Testing Company Our QA and Testing services are designed to cut down the cost of development, speed up time-to-market, and minimize the technical and business risks, irrespective of the complexity of the client’s requirements. Whether desktop, mobile, or digital transformation applications, our software testing experts work with a focused approach to assist clients to get more out of our testing efforts while improving time to market and enhancing ROI.

Our QA & Software Testing Services

Augment the performance, reliability, and user-friendly appeal of software with distinctive QA services

Manual Testing

Manual Software Testing Services empowers the distinguishing proof of flaws and defects in software applications with the utilization of human qualities like consistent thinking, senses, and interference.

Automation Testing

With automation testing, you improve quality, early discovery of defects, dependable items, direct expense saving, and the arrival of items as planned.

Functional Testing

Our core mastery reaches out to web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, framework functionalities, and applications.

Mobile Testing

Our mobile testing services incorporate mobile application testing, mobile web testing, mobile execution, convenience, penetration, and security testing.

QA Outsourcing

OrangeMantra takes complete responsibility for the whole quality assurance process offering different types of assistance including planning a QA procedure and a test plan.

Performance Testing

We perform testing of your application to determine speed, scalability, reliability, and resource usage. Our QA experts check the relevancy of software under particular load and stress conditions.

How We Work

More about our tried and tested processes for every phase of a standard QA Lifecycle
1. Planning And Control

Identify the Test objective

Determine the Test procedure

Design tasks & Test Estimation

Test schedule and Implementation

2. Analysis And Design

Review the test basis

Identify the test conditions

Evaluate the testability

Design test environment set-up

3. Implementation And Execution

Create test data, automate tests

Create test suites

Execute test suites and test cases

Conduct confirmation testing

4. Evaluating Exit Criteria And Reporting

Set criteria for “enough testing”

Check test logs against exit criteria

Assess the need for specified test

Test Summary report

5. Test Closure Activities

Check planned

Finalize and archive testware

Handover the testware

Give support to the software

6. Deploy & Run

Operational readiness

Performance Validation

Post-deployment Validation

Continuous improvement

Our Technology Stack

More about our tried and tested processes for every phase of a standard QA Lifecycle






Browser Stack



IE NetRenderer










How Can Independent Software Testing Services Benefit your Business?

More about our tried and tested processes for every phase of a standard QA Lifecycle

1. Minimize Software Defects

Experience zero defects in the production due to the successful implementation of quality assurance and testing.

2. Cost Reduction

Implement a KPI-based software testing methodology to reduce the cost of errors and inaccuracies obtained at later stages.

3. Ensure Scalability

Testing of application enables scalability of system in the long run and implements shift-left approach without any hassle.

4. Fast Deployment

Continuous testing during the process of SDLC results in fast deploying the application devoid of any inconsistency.

5. Periodic Releases

Keeping an eye on internal functionalities of application with testing services allow regular release pattern with ease.

6. Access to Multiple Solutions

Established standards for test planning, and test execution for functional and non-functional testing from a variety of domains.

Bug Life Cycle

A bug life cycle can comprise various platforms relying upon an organization’s practices. Accessible bug management tools, a number of team experts, and methodologies are among the things that can influence the work process and, consequently, an assortment of bug life cycle stages.

Industries We Cater To


Travel & Tourism

Transportation & Logistics

Social Networking

Banking & Finance

E-commerce & Retail

Real Estate


Media & Entertainment

Leverage Artificial Intelligence for testing the Quality of your venture applicationsSpeed up your Digital Transformation venture using the force of AI.

IoT Testing for consistent execution and usefulness of your Intelligent ProductsIntensive approval and software testing of your IoT-empowered applications.

RPA testing for Businesses to reduce the cost of Quality, and further develop usefulness and process durationStart to finish Automation of Business Processes.

How You Benefit from Software QA Services by E-solutions


severe defects underway because of the QA cycle customized to the product particulars, proficient plan, and prioritization of experiments.


Testing costs are reduced because of KPI-based command over QA and testing execution; reusable experiments/scripts.


testing time is minimized because of the fast versatility of testing assets and master execution of the shift-left approach and test automation.


software maintenance costs because of limited leakage of defects, proactive QA during software development (e.g., time relapse and performance testing).

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